14 Best WordPress Form Builders to Use in Your WordPress Websites

Forms have become a mandatory part of all websites. Forms allow website visitors to send you their questions or problems from the same website. In addition, they help increase website engagement, leads and conversions.

So if you want to include forms on your WordPress site, the easiest way is to take help from a WordPress form builder. Here we will tell you about some of the most popular form builders for WordPress that you can use to generate forms without breaking a sweat.

The popularity of WordPress in website development

Although WordPress used to be a blogging tool when it started as a company, it has transformed into a fantastic website builder that is currently enjoying worldwide popularity. More than 43% of websites in the world use WordPress. Converted to numbers, it is 455 million.

Why do people love WordPress?

Anyone can use WordPress, even people with no coding knowledge. This platform supports all kinds of websites and can be integrated with all major business applications. Plus, it comes with a free version and you can easily upgrade to a paid version as your business grows.


With WordPress, you can easily upload photos, videos and documents to your website. This secure platform also supports responsive websites and SEO. So if your website runs on WordPress, you can easily add WordPress forms to take the user experience of your visitors to the next level.

Using Forms for WordPress

The usefulness of WordPress forms is not limited to getting inquiries from visitors or collecting email addresses. You can use these forms for the following purposes:

1. The most common use of WordPress forms is to collect contact information from visitors.

2. Customers can provide feedback on your product, service, or even website through a form without having to call customer support executives.


3. You can use these forms to allow visitors to register for events or pre-book products.

4. Forms can be a great way to collect job applications and resumes for job seekers.

5. In this era of social proof, you can use forms to collect user reviews and testimonials. Later, you can use them on your website and gain the trust of other visitors.

6. You cannot link forms to collecting donations, but you can use them for this purpose by integrating forms with different payment gateways.

7. If you run a news or technology website, users can leave you a tip through WordPress forms.

8. If you want more user engagement, use forms to create quizzes for visitors.

Now it’s time to look at some of the best WordPress form builders that anyone can use.

Gravity Forms

WordPress may look simple on the surface, but you can drastically improve its functionality with forms. Forms for WordPress allow you to easily collect data about customers and readers and engage them in fulfilling their requests. One such tool for enhancing the functionality of your WordPress site is Gravity Forms.

WordPress Form Builders

Its notable features are:

  • An intuitive drag-and-drop form builder for busy professionals
  • Import and export functions for backing up files
  • Creates multi-column tables with custom sizes in a few clicks
  • It offers responsive forms for any screen size such as laptops, tablets and mobile phones
  • By converting forms to pages, convert longer forms into small ones with more posts

It’s a no-code form builder for business owners and creative bloggers. They can use turnkey templates. However, if you have extensive coding knowledge, you can use it to create customized forms with advanced features.


If you’re looking for a WordPress form builder with online plugins, WPFroms is worth checking out. It’s great for online payment options for e-commerce sites. If you work through payment processors like PayPal, Stripe, Square, and Authorize.Net, you can easily install payment form plugins.

WordPress Form Builders

This way, you save money by not hiring any developers or payment processing services to create a checkout landing page for your online marketplace.

WPForms is also suitable for aggressive marketing through email subscriptions and newsletter distribution. You can use its drag-and-drop form builder to create call-to-action (CTA) buttons and link them with Mailchimp Addons, GetResponse Addon, Campaign Monitor Addon, etc. to increase your followers.

Ninja Forms

Become a professional WordPress developer without any coding knowledge with Ninja Forms. You also don’t need to take any form design courses to create forms for your blog, website or e-commerce platform.

WordPress Form Builders

Ninja Forms offers a user-friendly drag-and-drop form builder. In addition, a team of expert developers are available to help you with customized forms. Ninja forms allow you to do many things, such as:

  • Register a user
  • Connect WordPress with CRM
  • Generating lead data
  • Accept online donations
  • Expand your newsletter list
  • Create PDF files

In addition, some great plugins further enhance the functionality of your forms. For example, there is Conditional Logic for dynamic forms, Advanced Datepicker for event bookings, accepting credit/debit card payments through Elavon and so on.

Formidable forms

Another robust WordPress form provider is Formidable Forms. It comes with various out-of-the-box WordPress form solutions such as:

WordPress Form Builders
  • View the e-commerce product listing
  • Directory of knowledge base content
  • Lead collection survey forms
  • Tracking contact forms
  • Website, webinar, podcast or newsletter registration forms
  • Online payments and collection forms
  • Online calculator

You don’t just add forms to your WordPress web assets, you turn them into a data-driven application with Formidable Forms.

Its form builder console includes features like drag-and-drop, conditional logic for smart forms, white-labeled forms without any third-party branding, and much more.


Tired of newsletters, product inquiries and website registration emails? Is the unavailability of built-in forms in WordPress hurting your reputation or revenue? You must check out the free JetFormBuilder form builder for WordPress.

WordPress Form Builders

It allows you to create forms of any layout, length and size. This tool also allows you to apply an active WordPress site theme to forms for the appropriate site branding. The possibilities are endless with this WordPress plugin, such as:

  • Booking forms
  • Contact forms
  • Customer or user registration
  • Profile form
  • Front post form
  • Application

In addition, the plugin also allows you to install add-ons for developing complex forms. So you can do email marketing, sales, CRM management, payment management, etc. from JetFormBuilder forms for WordPress.

Contact Form 7 – WordPress plugin

If you run a small business or technology blog on WordPress and are not yet ready to invest, especially in creating forms, you can try Contact Form 7 for free. If you like the features and want to support the project, you can donate directly to the developers.

WordPress Form Builders

WordPress forms built with Contact Form 7 come with various protection features like CAPTCHA, Akismet spam filtering, Ajax submission, etc.

You can further enhance the functionality of the plugins by installing supporting WordPress plugins such as Flamingo and Bogo. The developer of Contact Form 7 created these plugins and they are also available for free.

Form WS

Another no-code form builder for your WordPress site or marketplace is WS Form. The plugin is especially suitable for e-commerce sites that need multiple integrations along with responsive forms. So when you showcase products on your WordPress site, customers can easily fill out any request or purchase form.

The plugin provides more than 100 form templates and more than 55 field types. That’s not all! You can also create multi-step forms on your website and quickly collect comprehensive customer data. Since multi-page forms are intuitive, users easily provide data with less chance of the form crashing.


ARForms is a premium WordPress form builder with built-in compatibility with multiple email marketing systems through integrations. Once you subscribe to the paid plan, you get free access to over 50 ready-to-use forms for professional and business purposes.
Some notable features of this WordPress plugin are:

  • Inline editor
  • Quick live preview of forms
  • 30 basic and advanced field types on demand
  • Modern forms such as wizard and multi-step forms
  • Multi-column forms with easy resizing
  • Fashion material design icons
  • More than 10 color schemes

ARForms also supports a number of add-ons for comprehensive features such as collecting payments through PayPal, creating user profiles with User Sign Up, sending SMS online, etc. However, you have to pay additional one-time fees for the add-ons.

Live forms

Placing forms and collecting data is different from putting data into useful and increasing your income. If you want to collect data while analyzing it to grow your business, try Live Forms.

WordPress Form Builders

It allows you to create robust and modern forms like

  • Advanced calculations
  • Conditional logic
  • Repeater field
  • Upload files
  • Dynamically prepopulated fields

Some features of this form for WordPress plugin are free for unlimited domains. However, the free account does not offer the modern forms that users like.

Piotnet Forms

Piotnet Forms is a lightweight form builder plugin. It helps you create modern forms using state-of-the-art templates. In addition to offering you templates, it ensures that you can easily create them. Its attributes include conditional logic, repeater fields, calculated fields, and posting.

Don’t forget the range of supported integrations – PayPal, Zoho, Google Analytics, Stripe, WooCommerce, Hubspot, Meta Box, MailChimp, MailPoet and Mollie to name a few. With Piotnet Form, you can also create multi-page forms, add nested fields, and include label animation using this form builder.

Kali Forms

Looking for a seamless way to create WordPress forms to collect contact information, payments or feedback? The powerful Kali Forms WordPress form plugin is here to make this task easier for you. Choose from any of the pre-designed templates and start creating your form.

To support form filling, it allows you to split long forms and split them into multiple pages. The platform allows you to implement intelligent conditional logic for advanced WordPress forms.

Kali Forms with a large collection of form fields that you can use in your forms. Additionally, you will receive an email notification each time you submit a form.


It doesn’t matter if you want to create a form for data collection, quizzes, surveys or payments. Choose eForm, the WordPress form builder trusted by over 10,000 website owners.

This platform easily integrates with modern payment solutions and allows you to create checkout forms for the final conversion.

WordPress Form Builders

You can use this form to collect payments by bank transfer, Stripe or PayPal. eForm also supports WooCommerce integration so you can edit product prices and other features.

To send a newsletter, you can integrate your form with MailChimp, MailerLite, MyMail, ConvertKit and Campaign Monitor. Plus, as soon as someone enters their email and name into the form, you can capture it immediately.


With WordPress Forms, your organization can gain a competitive and professional edge by offering visitors an easy way to communicate. If you’re looking for a form builder, there are plenty out there. Some of them focus on functionality, while others emphasize ease of use.

So it is up to you to choose which one is best for your WordPress site. Also check out some awesome hacks to optimize the content on your WordPress site.

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