Best Python Road map to became master on Python


Today, Python is the most in-demanded language across the world. And it is easy to learn a programming language and we don’t use so many symbols in python coding, we use a simple lines to code. For example,

Print(“Hello World”)

The above code will print Hello World on the output screen. If you want  to learn Python faster, then follow the below roadmap:

Set a Definite Goal

Python programming is an excessively versatile language, you can build almost anything with Python. It is essential to pick only one application of Python during your learning process.

Learn the basics

If you want to become an expert, then you have to start from the basics. You need to take at least three python basic tutorials. Understand your learning style to choose your resources (such as books, websites, video tutorials, etc.).

There are so many YouTube channels and websites to learn python some of them are

  • Programming Knowledge
  • Code with harry
  • CodeBanas
  • W3schools
  • Geeksforgeeks

Understand the Python OOP

Object-Oriented Programming(OOP), is all about creating “objects”. An object is a group of interrelated variables and functions. These variables are often referred to as properties of the object and functions are referred to as the behaviour of the objects. These objects provide a better and clear structure for the program.

Four major concepts are Inheritance, Encapsulation, Polymorphism, Data Abstraction. Object-oriented programming is one of the most widely used programming paradigms. Spend some time to master OOP concepts.

Build Small Projects

Start creating an easy project from what you have learned, that will make your concepts crystal clear in your mind and that will improve your practical knowledge and help you to learn practical ways to apply. At the beginner level you must make these small projects:

  • GUI Calculator
  • Audio Video Convertor
  • Tic Tac Toe

Build Advanced Python Projects

Now, build some advanced projects to improve your basic skills to the advanced level so that you can be eligible to get a job as a software developer in any IT company.

And also start contributing to python open source projects. And start teaching beginners to remember what they have learned.

Conclusively, this roadmap is best for beginners who are starting programming first time. After following this roadmap you will be an expert in programming.

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