Should Developers Learn Java Programming Language in 2023?

Here are three reasons why Java is still important and three why it is so current – and what it means for engineers who decide to learn Java programming language.

“Should I learn Java Programming language?”

That is the question you may find yourself wondering if you are new to programming or an experienced engineer who has not worked with Java in any way. It is also a very relevant question, as the popularity of Java programming language is slowly declining, and the opposite language feels more up-to-date.

I can’t tell you whether you should learn Java programming language in 2022. But I can tell you three reasons why Java is still important, and three reasons why it might be a dying language.

Why Java is still running

Let’s start with the benefits that Java enjoys in the world of modern programming.

1. Basic Java code bases

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Perhaps the best reason to learn Java programming language in 2022 is the simple fact that a lot of code is already written in Java, and someone will need to save and update that code for decades to come.

This means that learning Java Programming Language is a great way to get involved with employers who need Java programmers. If you think Java is the best language you can write in, the fact is that the Java code base – like the one written in FORTRAN or COBOL decades ago – goes nowhere. By extension, it is also not the job of Java programmers.

2. Java works anywhere

Part of the reason why Java Programming Language became so popular during its early 1990s is that it is a very independent language. Generally, you do not need to change your code much to get the same Java application to run on Windows and Linux, for example.

This advantage makes Java a strong competitor as a common purpose planning solution. Although new languages ​​(like Go) are also relatively independent platforms, Java is undoubtedly still the gold standard of programming languages ​​that allows you to write your code once and then run it anywhere.

3. Java is very modular

Another factor that furthered the popularity of Java Programming Language when it emerged decades ago is its strong focus on moderation. Although Java was certainly not the first language to focus on something, it was probably the first most popular.

Java modularity and object-oriented architecture are still selling language points today because it makes Java a great solution for developers who want to reuse code throughout the business. Java makes it much easier to avoid building each new application from the ground up, and instead borrow existing codes to create new ones faster.

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Why You (Probably) Shouldn’t Learn Java Programming Language

On the other hand, you can make a strong argument about why Java is increasingly unsuitable for reading.

First and foremost, Java seems to be slipping away in popularity. For years it was a very popular language, but now it is in third place. This means that, over time, a few new applications may be written to Java.

That doesn’t mean, of course, that Java is moving. Conversely, as noted, it is likely that businesses around the world will need Java programmers for decades to maintain the basics of asset code.

However, if you want to focus on your editing work on creating new things, instead of keeping the existing ones, Java may not be the best language for you.

2. The independence of the court is less important in 2022

The fact that Java is more geographically independent is undoubtedly more important today than it was 10 or 20 years ago.

The reason why we live in a software-defined world. Today, virtual machines, containers, and cloud services make it easy to use the system wherever you want, without having to worry about basic configuration settings.

In other words, you don’t have to change your code to make your app run where you need it to run. You can change the location of the hold instead.

This does not mean that the portability of the app is no longer important. It’s not just as critical as it once was, and that makes Java less important for expansion.

3. Java is not easy

Java may be easy to read, but it is not easy.

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Language is easy to learn because Java code is easy to write, edit, and compile. But it is not easy because the code written in Java tends to have a word and is tedious to write. You should also include it, which makes Java much easier than languages ​​like Python.

So, if you are a college student learning to write codes for the first time, Java might be a good language to start with. If you are an expert who wants to extract simple, beautiful code and use it quickly, Java is not the right choice.


Java is very likely to disappear anytime soon. It remains so focused on the culture of the systems and the principles of the code that it is close to its demise.

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However, Java is not a clear, targeted, common language that dates back to the late 1990s or 2000s. Undoubtedly, the future of Java is over, and it makes sense to learn the Java programming language today if you have certain goals – such as finding a job where you will store Java code base, or getting a program introduction.

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