Top 5 must-have Python Developer skills to be successful

Python is the most in-demand programming language used by developers today. If you are planning to pursue a career as a python developer, there are so many skills you need to work on. Python developers are in great demand because Python is used across a wide range of industry verticals today.

To become a good Python developer, there are many skills that you need to master. Here we have covered the top five Python developer skills that you will require to become a successful expert in that programming language.

Core Python Developer Expertises

As a developer, you must have a clear understanding of the Core Python concepts. Having an in-depth understanding of various terminologies and concepts will give you the confidence to take on any project irrespective of its complexity. Python concepts you must know about are:

  • Iterators
  • Generators
  • Exception handling
  • File handling concepts
  • Data types and variables
  • OOPs concepts
  • Data structures

Web frameworks

Flask, as well as Django, are the most preferred Python web frameworks used today. As a developer, you need to have a strong grasp of these web frameworks. Flask is a widely used micro web framework. Whereas, Django is preferred because it offers a clean, advanced, functional design. Having a good understanding of CSS, JavaScript, as well as HTML is highly encouraged to be successful as a Python developer.

Object Relational Mappers

An object-oriented language is leveraged to convert data between two incompatible systems and this is known as Object Relational Mapper (ORM). Leveraging any programming language, a virtual object database is built by Object Relational Mappers. Developers can also utilise many ORM tools that can be tailored as per their requirements.

Data science Python Developer skills

A Python developer has a lot of potential in the field of data science as the programming language is widely used in this field. As a Python programmer working in the field of Data Science you will have a better understanding of the concepts if you have knowledge of:

  • SQL
  • Python packages like Scikit learn, NumPy, etc
  • Data cleansing
  • Data wrangling
  • Analysis of data
  • Visualisation of data
  • Statistics

AI & ML skills

As a Python developer working in the data science domain, you will be required to have a good understanding of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning concepts. Proficiency in Machine Learning algorithms will prove useful in the long run. Having a good understanding of concepts such as data visualisation, neural networks, data analysis, etc., is highly valued by recruiters.

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