Top Web development languages for Beginners to Learn Free in 2023

In this world, there are so many computer languages to learn, but as a beginner, people don’t understand which language should they start to learn the basics of web development language. Now here you will be going to learn about which language to select to begin the journey as a programmer. And also we will let you know from where you can start learning.

First of all, let me discuss what is web development? So, Web development is the building and maintenance of the websites, It’s the work that happens behind the scenes to make a website look great, work fast and perform well with a seamless user experience.

Now, here we start what language we choose to start learning web development languages. Basically, there are so many languages to learn. But I will suggest you learn or start with these three languages i.e., firstly learn HTML, secondly learn CSS and then third is JavaScript. Now the question arises why I am suggesting only these three languages instead of any other languages like C++, Java, C# etc.

And the answer is that these three languages will teach you the basics of the making of a simple and dynamic website and these languages will boost your confidence to learn more about programming.

Why should I learn HTML first for web development?

For web development, HTML is must learn because it is the structure of your website or you can say that it is the bone structure of your website just like your body has a skeleton. HTML stands for “HyperText Markup Language”. In web development, HTML is used to create space for particular elements and to put elements into separate spaces.

Is CSS is Necessary to learn for web development?

Now, think if we create space and also separate elements with another element in a website then why should we learn CSS? That’s great if your mind strikes this question. Before going to that first learn what is CSS? CSS stands for “Cascading Style sheets” and is used to create a beautiful website. Now just think about a guy without his skin, muscles and he appeared in front of you only with his skeleton. HTML is just like that without CSS. So, CSS is necessary for web development.

Why JavaScript?

The question will be going to arise in your mind that we have just created a good looking website with the help of HMTL and CSS. JavaScript is also necessary to use as a web development language Because it is just like you have a brain in your body that’s the work of JavaScript in any website. JavaScript gives the ability to work efficiently and dynamically and also to perform logical tasks.

Learning platforms for free

Nowadays there are so many ways or platforms to start learning programming for a web development course. Here I will let you know some of the top learning platforms, these are:


There are so many languages to learn for web development but in my opinion, these three will be the best to start learning programming to become a web developer in future. After learning these three languages then start learning about frameworks, and backend programming languages for becoming an advanced web developer. And also you can start learning other languages for your interest just like Python, C++, Ruby on Rails etc. So, click here to learn the programming language.

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