PHP vs JavaScript: Best Comparison in 2022

PHP vs JavaScript

In the PHP vs JavaScript It’s important to start by identifying that JavaScript is mostly a front-end language, while PHP is strictly a backend language. It’s not fair to compare one language for backend to another for frontend development. However, since the release of Node.js, JavaScript has become capable of serving both client-side and server-side … Read more

Best 9 JavaScript Data Grid Libraries to Use

JavaScript data grid libraries

Implementing a responsive and user-friendly JavaScript data grid libraries are a challenging task. But it’s not if you choose the right one! Using various libraries, you can deploy all your data in tabular form and take the next step in web development. JavaScript is the basic structure of many web applications. It comes in handy … Read more

15 Important React JS Advantages For Interactive UI Development

React js advantages

This article will compare and discuss in detail the various aspects of React JS and React JS Advantages. You will be able to find an informative discussion about the pros and cons that makes React Js such a powerful tool for improving the interactive frontend UI. The user interface is the most important part of … Read more

React Vs JavaScript – A Detailed Comparison For Beginners in 2022

react vs javascript

JavaScript is an excellent advanced programming language that is gaining popularity among non-technical users. A small, short, and easy-to-learn language ready to create user links. However, JavaScript does not have its errors. In this article, we will determine the clear winner in the battle between the two main web page speed competitors – React and … Read more

Should I Start JavaScript Front End Development in 2022?

javascript front end development

JavaScript is the most popular and flexible programming language. It is one of the most important technologies, and it is important in designing websites with interactive components. Learning JavaScript front end development was very difficult and time-consuming, but today it is a very effective process. This article is about tips on how to learn the … Read more